The need for information and guidance to help plan for healthcare costs in retirement has never been greater. One of the greatest risks to a successful retirement are the surprises of high healthcare expenses. A life changing healthcare event can derail financial protection and destroy a lifetime of savings. That life event most often occurs later in life, but can happen at any time. While we can’t predict the future, we can educate ourselves about choices. I firmly believe that knowledge is power – everyone needs to know about the future costs of an extended healthcare event and the options for caregiving.

I found my profession and passion in educating employers, employees and individuals to help them make smart insurance choices, especially when nearing retirement. With extensive insurance options for long term care planning, it’s important to work with a specialist who can provide clear and practical advice.

I provide guidance and answer typical questions like —
What does LTC insurance cover?
What plan benefits do I need to include?
How much does LTC insurance cost?
What plan best fits my needs and budget?

I have personally witnessed the benefits of planning for a life changing health event. My father has MS and still lives independently because he has LTC benefits to pay for his care. Because of my experiences, I understand the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of providing care and the necessity of having a plan in place. Planning protects retirement assets and provides many options for care and support for both individual and family.

Envision Benefit Specialists partners with financial planners, CPAs, attorneys, and other advisors giving guidance to their clients on appropriate solutions for LTC and Medicare planning. LTC insurance, Hybrid and Linked-Benefit plans, Annuities w/LTC benefits, Short Term Care plans, and worksite LTC plans for business owners and employees are all solutions to manage the risk of needing extended care. Providing education to advisors on long term care insurance options gives them necessary planning tools to their client’s financial considerations.

Since I am independent and represent many different insurance carriers, I am diligent in matching the appropriate plan to fit the specific needs of an individual. As a member of several senior service organizations, I am current on long term care and senior resources, Medicare legislative updates, future benefit trends, proposed federal laws and CMS rules, and new technology directed to seniors.

One of the best actions you can take for your financial security is to contact me for an initial assessment and learn about your options.

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Lori is not your typical insurance agent. Her expertise and customer service is unsurpassed. She is more of a trusted consultant than salesperson. I am indebted to Lori for sharing the benefits of long-term care (LTC) insurance with us. We went to her thinking we wanted life insurance. Although she sells life insurance, she demonstrated that LTC insurance would achieve our goal of being financially secure much better than with life insurance. Our experience selecting and applying for our LTC insurance was effortless with her by our side. She did all the legwork (and homework) so we didn’t have to. She pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of each program, which helped tremendously in our decision-making. And, when my purse was stolen and I needed to quickly get in touch with the insurance company to give them our new bank information, she had all the info at your fingertips. Thank you, Lori. We will never buy insurance from anyone else!
P. PotterMason Neck, VA